Training Services

Training is an important part in the implementation of new technology where we offer implementation services to various staff members of your organization based on their role. Our training program makes the members of your staff ready for ERP software implementations and usage in minimum possible time. Our training methodology consists of constant training, support and regular exercises, to provide individuals with practical knowledge in the use of ERP applications. The training program also provides an insight of the implementation issues and organizational impact of an enterprise.

Training is offered in various business modules including Sales Management, Marketing Management, Financial Accounting, Purchase & Inventory Management, Project Management, HR & Payroll Management, Contractor Management, Lease & Maintenance Management.

Provide following training:

On-site Training:

Our on-site training sessions organized at the required premise, the staff can rapidly get the skilled venture scheme and get productive result, to get world class custom training. It is a customized training based on operational needs.

Specialized Training:

We offer specialized training for Top Management, IT Managers and Network Administrators. With specialized training, the team can get the maximum output of the systems.

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