Sales Management

Sales Management is the module which encircles functionality for sales and execute it to increase the revenue. It is an incorporated solution embracing marketing and sales activities. It helps organizations to manage the complete sales cycle from pre-launch of sales to invoicing, with complete follow up and control of the sales order. It retains customers and gain customer insight. It improve sales and marketing activities of clients by using this module and goes through a thorough examination of selling process. The main objective is to see that the product or service is sold at the profitable price.

Salient Features

  • Improve sales performance, by performing end-to-end sales process, effectively.
  • Maintains all details of the projects by their unit, block, floors, etc.
  • Makes way for collaboration and optimization of the sales process.
  • Handle projects with their approval of the Government on the updates, by liaising with them.
  • Project planning, budgeting and contracting.
  • Invoicing and collections.
  • Enables better use of sales.

Options to integrate with the availability of space in a specified project based on the requirement of a customer like floor, direction, unit type, block, etc.

Keep information on the detailed metrics of the project on cost per area, cost per occupant and more.

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