Purchase and Inventory Management

Purchase and Inventory module is integrated with the inventory regarding purchasing and financing of all construction materials, equipments and other commodities used in the project. All the store purchase returns details are built and recorded into the software. Monitor commodity usages, harmonizing the inventory balances and reporting inventory status. Provides a complete record of inventory management and purchasing capacity that improves supply chain management and delivers an end-to-end secured-to-pay process.

Serve all the comprehensive inventory and purchase management requirements. Maintains record of commodity purchased and provides you total flexibility to control each commodity based on how it is utilized and consumed. This module makes purchasing and receiving inventory quick and easy.

Salient Features

  • Maintains the history of all commodities purchased and suppliers.
  • Manage supply needs, suppliers and purchase orders.
  • Create a purchase order with a purchase requisition to notify the purchasing department of the commodity needs to be ordered.
  • Control over store operations, inventory tracking and alert stock level.
  • Maintain details of of purchasing and supplier data.
  • Supplier's performance, whether delayed delivery or quality rejections.

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