HR & Payroll Management

HR and Payroll management is the module, which provides solution for managing all the requirements and data of an organization. Human resource is an important strength to an organization, it benefits the organization by effectively handling the workforce and smoothly carrying out the payroll procedure. Keep a track on the employee's performance. Recording accurate employee details is necessary as the growing employee base increases, so to access specific employee data in the future, the maintenance of employee details with respect to the department, designation, status, recruitment agency, payment mode, etc are important.

The payroll procedure is to look after the employee's work time and attendance of an employee for calculating the payroll and the employee payslips. This not only helps in tracking employee details but also in examining the liability of an employee.

Salient Features

  • Salary structure management.
  • Employee document management
  • Recruitment management
  • Track of employee attendance
  • Employee salary details
  • Track details of employees
  • Employee loan details
  • Inquiries and reporting

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